Our Vision and Values

Mission Statement


Hampton-in-Arden Preschool is committed to providing all children with play-based educational learning opportunities in a safe, warm and nurturing environment, irrespective of gender, race, religion or ability.


Our Vision


•We aim that all children in our care will learn and develop to their full potential through a wide and stimulating range of activities and opportunities, tailored to each child’s individual development needs and learning style.


•We celebrate each child’s uniqueness and developing personality in a multicultural, social environment, where an independent spirit is encouraged and curiosity and confidence are nurtured to ensure a life-long love of learning, making future transitions through the learning journey as seamless as possible.


•We empower children by respecting and supporting their choices with careful guidance.


Our Values


•Strong Relationships – we believe in parents as their child’s primary educators, and they are, as such, an integral part of what we do. We actively seek, encourage and welcome input from parents, other carers and professionals to enable their child to have a successful Preschool experience. We foster meaningful, nurturing relationships with children through our Key Person system.


•Professionalism, commitment and experience – our team is incredibly well qualified and experienced in the learning and development of young children, most with children who have been through the Preschool process. We are always enthusiastic, encouraging and open to new ideas.


•Inclusivity – we are inclusive of all children, yet respect and encourage individuality. We do this through careful observation and assessment of each child’s needs, taking into account their strengths and abilities, and then plan experiences and opportunities which allow all children to partake, with a level of support specific to them.


•Fundamentally British – we actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs in a child-appropriate way using playful learning experiences.


•Child-centred – everything we do is for the child, his or her well-being, learning and development.




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